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Either the UFOs select their witnesses, or theyare something entirely different from space vehicles.

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In either case,their appearances are staged! March , SantaMaria, Brazil. A man observed two occupantsof a football-shaped craft who spoke in a strange language. Thecraft vanished silently and instantly. Following a UFO observation, awoman was awakened by a feeling of intense cold and saw a beingwith a bald head near the house. She called other witnesses, and allsaw the apparition shrink and vanish on the spot "like a TV imagewhen the set is turned off. Ittilted, partially sank into the ground, grew in size, and departedwith a flash.

It vanished with a sort of explosion, leaving acloud that dissipated slowly.

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Consider what these sightings have in common. In each case theso-called "spacecraft" did not disappear by moving away, even athigh speed. It simply vanished on the spot, or it slowly faded awaylike the Cheshire cat, sometimes leaving behind a whitish cloud,sometimes also producing the sound of an explosion. In other cases,UFOs have been reported to enter the ground. I hardly need to point out that this behavior is contrary to whatphysical objects do, and quite impossible to duplicate with ourcurrent spacecraft technology.

It is the behavior of an image, ora holographic projection. Yet at other times the objects have leftmaterial traces. There may be a machine involved, but a machinethat remains out of view of the witnesses, who see only what it isprojecting. When we go to the movies, we look at the objects andthe people on the screen; we do not stare at the projector. Soundsand voices, too, come to us from the screen, not from the directionof the tape machine. Besides, a single physical machine a camera can trigger millions of similar experiences in the people who watchthe resulting film projection.

UFO events could be staged the sameway, to suggest to us an impending intervention from outer space. Most witnesses are not primarily reporting an object or acraft; they are reporting a light, a massive, multicolored, intense,pulsating light, a playful, fascinating, impressive, hypnotic light,which is accompanied by strange sounds. How much do we know from the available scientific literature aboutthe effects of strong, pulsed, colored lights and other electromagnetic radiations? Pitifully little.

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Until this area is fully explored, we willhave to think about the "physics" of UFOs mainly in terms of thewitnesss perceptions, not in terms of spacecraft propulsion. In some cases the beings turned out to be robots or dwarfs indIving suits, but in most incidents they were humanoid, and theywuld breathe our air. They walked normally on our planet. However, visitors from outer space would not necessarily beIutman in shape.

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They would certainly not breathe our air forlear of viruses. They might have serious problems with theFa rths gravity.

The X Files UK - Nick Pope's First TV Interview - UFO - BBC Newsnight 1996.

You can push these objections aside, and assume that thevisitors are advanced enough in genetic manipulation to have"grown" humanoid pilots for their spacecraft. Perhaps they haveeven kidnapped humans to breed space children destined to becomesaucer-crew members. But even these outlandish assumptions failto explain the facts. Temple, Oklahoma, March 23, An instructor in aircraftelectronics at Sheppard Air Force Base is driving to work at a.

I went on to turn west on Highway I went a quarter of a mile or so, and changed my mind and thought that it was a house that was being moved down the highway in the early morning hours. It was parked on the highway and I got within a hundred yards of it and stopped, got out of the car, and I got about fifteen steps or so, and I happened to think I had a Kodak on the front seat, and I would like to get a picture.

I hesitated just a second, and while I did, why, this man that was dressed in military fatigues, which I thought was a master sergeant. He had a flashlight in his hand, and he was almost kneeling on his right knee, with his left hand touching the bottom of the fuselage. It lifted up vertically forabout fifty f eet, and headed southeast almost straight backward,off by about ten degrees, at a speed estimated to be about mph, judging by the barns it illuminated along its path across thevalley.

It was the size of a cargo plane, but had no visible meansof propulsion. The witness was grilled by a roomful of officers atthe Air Force base. A truck driver down the road had observed thesame object. Whoever he was, the man in the baseball cap was no interplanetaryexplorer. Whatever they are, the occupants are not genuineextraterrestrials. This leaves us with few alternatives.

Either they areimages created within the brains of the witnesses, possibly by remotestimulation of the visual cortex this would explain why contacteesBetty and Barney Hill disagreed on several details of the occupantsappearance , or they are characters in a staged occurrence, actors in T h e Case A g a i n s t t h e S p a c e c r a f t deception operation carefully borrowing its concepts from basicl u 1 1nan archetypes in order to force a global behavioral change.


Although our search that daywas negative, it is worth telling because it shows an element of thea nipulation that is rarely discussed by the participants: it showshow easy it is to induce contactee" experiences. Deserts have always exerted a peculiar fascination on thehnman mind. As we were driving along the Garlock fault in thef Jta-wheel-drive Toyota, we passed small ranches, ruins, forgottenines, twisted tracks that indicated the power of this dream:hundreds, thousands of men and women had brought to thisdesert the strength of their despair, and in the terrible heat they hadhuilt, dug, planted, and carved an environment for other humans.

Miraculously, some of their endeavors had even survived: downi n the valley we saw vast fields of alfalfa being irrigated by strongwater sprayers. Go and lind crystal, but no machines, just pure crystal.

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Take crystal to valley, point toward the sun, hold your mind still and wait. No matter how many of you. The force is strong.

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Only with thought can you return. You will see the old way. We had decided to follow these instructions to the letter and seewhat would happen. The man who had "channeled" them waswith us. He had already made several trips into the desert withoutfinding anything. He sent me a copy of the message transcript, Retrieve pure crystal and use this as instructed. Not a game but serious method for moving time block aside. This is absolutely necessary if we are to communicate.

The messages were supposed to come from conscious beings whotraveled through time. There were certain places on Earth, theyclaimed, which could serve as doors to other physical planes. Theyused these places in their own travels.

The purpose of the crystalwas to see through the time block: "We can maneuver through theblock to the various nodes. At a turnin the road we stopped, raising a cloud of dust from the scorchedground. As it settled we met six men who had driven earlier fromLos Angeles with sound equipment and cameras. The days of UFOinvestigation on a bicycle were gone, I noticed. The team assembledhere had three powerful trucks equipped with four-wheel drive. With our electronic equipment and communication gear, we lookedmore like an Army strike team than like a group of researcherstrying to verify some elusive psychic data.

At last we neared theplace indicated by the transcript. We were within two miles of thepoint it called "the node. Everything was alive here. There was no peace. Some of the mines we came upon were obviously still in use. The Case A g a i n s t t h e Spacecraft 35Uott ndaries were marked with white paint. Twice we saw a cartlriving in the distance. I took pictures with and without the crystal at severalp la ces that resembled the description of the "node" given i n the1 1 a nscript.

I got only pictures of the blurred landscape with its1 wisted bushes and rock piles, but I came close to experiencing1 he feeling of anticipation and excitement that gets hundredsuf people to drive out into the hills and the desert in search of. Our expedition was not without its minor mystery.

There we discussed1 he possible meaning of all this, and the remote chance that themessage might come from some real alien source. The most likely.. X planation, of course, was that it simply came from our guidesunconscious; most automatic writing can be shown to have apurely psychological explanation. At that moment there was thesharp sound of a minor explosion behind me, like the poppingof a flash bulb being crushed.

There were only two of us in theentrance to the mine at that moment, and nothing was foundthat could explain the noise. As a mystery it did represent quitean anticlimax after hours of climbing and driving and pickingup rocks and scrutinizing the sky and the barren hillsides. But I could understand how the will to believe could turn thesmallest incident into a sign leading to other signs and feeding theimagination until it constructed vast space-operas.

I had a more mundane reason for going into the desert beyondMojave with my camera: someone had sent me a manuscriptclaiming that he often caught UFOs on infrared film in the desertskies.

UFO Sighting over Amelia, OH (2004)

The photographs I took to try to duplicate this effect didshow some dark spots, but they were quickly explained as being aresult of the developing process. Perhaps there are flying saucersthat hover beyond the hills where old mines are. Perhaps they areonly visible in the infrared range. Perhaps there are time-folds and What I did find was the power of human imagination. In suchisolated, unfamiliar places, it doesnt take much to create mystery,and the slightest influence will amplify it.