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Or go on the run? In the land of Solara, power defines each citizen. Women are seers, shape shifters, witches and alchemists. Men hold their own as sorcerers and time travelers. As with all power, there must be r Ariana never expected to care about the dragon that kidnapped her, but after five years together, they've grown to be close friends. He's truly as much a prisoner as she is, commanded by the mysterious "master" who orchestrated her abduction.

But when her dragon is abruptly torn away from h Fox shapeshifter Melrose just wants a little time away from his noisy, bossy family. So he picks the perfect spot to dig a new den and take a little vacation. Unfortunately, a human—champion of the kingdom, thundering braggart, renowned ladies' man, and all around living legend Alderic M What happens when you wake up and forget what has happened to you?

For Ryanna, it's trying to piece together what has happened to her over the course of a week. Whether she likes it or not, she's about to find out. A fairytale, with a little twist The Darkness of Aysu. The royalty of Tinti use brutality and fear to maintain control over their kingdom. In Aysu, they use something else. The Government of Chayl decides everything, in this dystopian society. Spankings are encouraged and required. Society despises vanilla couples. They have to go to College to find a partner for life.

In their first day there, Lucy will remember how sore her bottom could get. She knew better tha Their choices will change the world. The arrangement was made when she was just a chi The Wizard Book. Three superior races, senators, wizards and sorceresses, fight for supremacy over an empire populated by humans.

Senators can bend people to their will, while wizards and sorceresses can influence the outside world and control the elements. Rosie's Castle Bailey Rose, M. Book 2. Bailey Rose is home again, and in the midst of establishing a clinic for the women and children of the San Antonio Red Light District, Bailey encounters the phantom boy from her past. The mystical, wondrous Utopia that dwelled in her memory had really happened, and here was the boy—now Durland Prothero is not his real name — he can no longer remember the name he was given at birth.

But he can never forget the day she died. After being orphaned when his mother was murdered and his entir A Knight in Atlantis. When Sebastian of Hawkesmere returns from the Crusades he becomes a recluse, locking himself away in an enchanted tower, dabbling in alchemy and magic. When his brother captures a beautiful woman with a satchel full of amazing instruments, Sebastian is enlisted to help discern their purpos Rapier Vengeance.

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Female sword fighters are rare in the Realm, especially one who has achieved the rank of swordmaster. When Devan graduates from her mercenary training, her grandparents reveal to her the truth about her past. Twenty-five years earlier, an evil sorcerer, a traitorous guard captain and the K Breaking the Spell Shield. The dark-haired beauty Princess Elizabeth has been locked away in a tower on the day of her birthday to await the noble man who might claim her hand.

The challenge for any would-be suitor is twofold: win past the guard in ritual combat and press their claim in front of the spell-shield th If you become too involved then there will be no room for the magic in the vessel of y Lada's Grove Bailey Rose, M. Book 3. Bailey Rose has a ring on her left ring finger: a diamond too big and refined for her rough, chapped hand, from a man she loves like a brother.

She has another ring, too, on her other hand: a plain wooden band, carved for her by the man she loves, heart, body, and soul. Her heart yearns fo Sworn by Blood Of the Blood Book 1.

The old gods used to walk among us. Some still bear their noble blood. Most will never know it. Otherworld forests are full of huge, scary creatures and an Beautiful Nightmare Book One. Damina Nicaud, a beautiful, successful art buyer in Washington, D.

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While she knows she shouldn't consider her dreams to be anything more than anxiety brought on by her upcoming nuptials, she can't help but be l After the battle on Samhain, Aislinn and Kieran travel to Paris together. The magic of their love rivals the magic of the beautiful city itself; but even in Paris, there is danger. A group of dark Fae is none too pleased about the Far Darrig's presence in their domain, and they're determin Dream Warrior.

Teryn knows what the enemy is going to do before they do it. Okay, sometimes is it only minutesbefore, but usually, there is enough time to pick a path to victory. Until Rabisle. You Have My Heart. Princess Kathryn Johansen is the sole heir to the throne on the planet of Raewyn, even though being a ruling queen is the last thing she wants.

Her father is insistent she finds a husband who will one day help her rule. Earth fills Epimetheus' mouth. Covers his eyes. Clings to his body. His brother buried him alive? Epimetheus will have his vengeance. Destroy everyone who takes Kronos' side. Like the mortal female gawking at Epimetheus while he digs his way out of the ground. She's a tasty-looking morsel, b Heart Of Thorns: Book One. The move to Lakeview Minnesota was supposed to be for the better, a promising future. Unfortunately for Grace Carrington, this was only the beginning of disaster.

Surrounded by werewolves, witches, and vampires, she must be careful. Peas and Princesses.

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Mildred Wallander, otherwise known as Milly, knows nothing more than the normality of a simple peasant life. That is, until she is forced to play as her kingdom's missing princess and marry a prince in order to satiate her King's need for power. Milly experiences more than she signed up fo Aksh Spark and the Emperor of the Universe. Planters of the Crown. In 16th Century Ireland, the reign of Queen Elizabeth comes with a mandate to disavow the Catholic faith and submit to the English Crown.

He is determined, uncompromising, and quickly exti Prequel to the Bloods Passion Saga. I take the destiny laid out before me on this day. I am to become Sebastian of Orias, favorite son to the Coven of Vampyres. And on that day, I would meet my future mate, Anastacia, princess of the kingdom of Varinia. I never questioned my fate—well, tha Reluctant to travel to this small borough of Uslia, Kay packs her bags and sets off to find this Guardian of the Shore. Kay has a few secrets of her own, hiding in plain sight, as her mother My name is Asha and up until recently, I never thought twice about how time affects me.

Time is something that we all take for granted. But, what if your time was unlimited? What would you do with that knowledge?

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Wrong the people you hate or enjoy the ones you love? How far would you go fo Tanner Holt is a bear shifter who neither wants nor needs a wife. For the wealthy rancher, his daughter Chloe, foreman Josiah, and ranch hands are all the family he needs. Chloe Holt loves her dad, but she needs a mom. Vampires, gunslingers, and But as the relationship disappointments mount and the coincidences pile up, s Awake Book of Avenzyre 1. Gellia's life is cursed. Not only does the king and courtiers hate her, but every one of her betrothals ends with a dead fiance.

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Her only reliable friend is her horse. In her misery she could have no idea that one rainy day would bring change to her tiny world whether she likes it or not. Jenna grew up on fairy tales of the Old Kingdoms and the magical Gentry creatures. The stories have always whispered to her of another life, called her to something that Jenna only thinks she's prepared for. When a band of tinkers arrive in town, Jenna comes face to face with Tam, a Airmed: The Eight Book One.

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Nathan Allen, born Nassor Jelani, is an orphan. One full moon while on a mission in Kenya, he comes upon a werelioness. His beast bungles the meeting, yet the man cannot forget her. Nate is pleasantly surprise Tame the Spark Mirrorside Book 0.

Wild Ride Faerie. Eve wants to have a nice, normal Halloween to make up for all the magic and mayhem brought on by her Fae Marks.