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It is an experiment in conscious evolution. And we will not be leading it from outside.

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We will be in the experiment with you, moving beyond our own comfort zones into new terrain and sharing our discoveries with you as you share yours with us. If you feel called to join us for this adventure in consciousness, we look forward to being with you on the journey. Many of us have experienced moments of awakening. They show us who we are beyond the narrow confines of our separate and isolated sense of self.

They awaken us to a glorious potential—an uncontainable freedom that is always right here. These breakthrough episodes of awakening are tremendously valuable because they reveal our potential for living an enlightened life. Our experiences of boundless freedom show us our own true nature. They leave us with a life altering awareness that a completely different kind of life is possible. But no matter how many times we break through into awakened awareness, most of us find that our access to this deeper possibility fades quickly leaving us longing to find it again.

The elusive Holy Grail that we are all striving for is the possibility of sustaining our access to awakening. Some believe that they simply need a single awakening experience big enough to last forever.

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As long time deep practitioners, we can say with certainty that although this has happened to some, it is exceedingly rare — and it is not the only way. Others believe that a dedicated daily practice will anchor them in higher consciousness. Again, our experience tells us that regular practice, although essential, is not enough. Still others imagine that there is some insight or understanding that they are missing and if they find it everything will be different. And while insight and understanding are crucial aspects of awakening, on their own they will not hold our attention in the subtle realms of illumination that we discover in deep practice.

As two independent spiritual teachers, we have been meeting regularly for the past few years to explore how we could better serve those who come to us for guidance — especially when it comes to sustaining an awakening.

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To awaken in a profound way we must develop the capacity to practice and abide in the inner postures of awakened mind. These inner postures put us in direct contact with the miraculous inherent freedom of our true being. Our ability to adopt these inner postures and orientations is essential to sustaining awakened awareness. We live in a world that has left all of us with unconscious habits of fear and constraint that keep us from recognizing the inner freedom that is inherent within us.

Only by identifying these habits and countering them with the attitudes and aptitudes that supercharge our practice does our practice gain truly transformative power. In this program these attitudes and aptitudes are cultivated as The Pillars of Profound Spiritual Practice. The practice of the postures and pillars that we have identified is subtle and our progress is dramatically enhanced when we have the recognition of awakening repeatedly activated in our awareness.

This can happen in many ways, but traditionally doing spiritual work with someone who has greater access to this delicate consciousness is a time-honored means of infusing our own consciousness with the same recognition. Once awakening has been activated in our own hearts and minds the only thing remaining on our path is having time for deep immersion in the experience of awakening.

The reason retreats are so important for us is not because they introduce us to new possibilities, but because they afford us the time to become deeply rooted in those immaculate spaces of opening. Our goal is to create a powerful container for you immerse for extended periods of time in practicing inner postures that connect you to awakening supported by pillars of strength and energized by Spiritual Activation. Over the course of this year you will not only connect with the miracle of awakened consciousness you will sustain that connection and open ever more deeply into the mysteries of spiritual freedom.

In the sections below we will describe in more detail each of these powerful elements. But consider this question for a moment: when you are doing your spiritual practices, are you practicing in order to get somewhere other than where you are right now, to reach a special state of consciousness or awakening in the future? The aspiring musician practices scales to develop speed and fluency with his instrument.

The winning athlete puts in long hours in the gym building muscle to boost her performance on the field. And, while this way of thinking about spiritual practice holds some truth in it, it also tends to obscure a deeper and more radical understanding of the potential inherent in practices of awakening. Because awakening is the discovery of our essential nature — of who we already are — it is not something that can ever happen in the future. So any practice approach that is seen as a process occurring in time, although it may confer genuine benefits, also inherently creates a barrier to the recognition of the uncontainable freedom that is already our own nature.

These inner postures are not techniques designed to bring about a future moment of awakening.

They are practices of Enlightenment itself. They are postures of mind and heart that, when wholeheartedly engaged with, immediately enable the natural and uncontainable freedom of our own true nature to reveal itself without obstruction.

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Only the mind of enlightenment can actually practice these postures. So when you practice them, you are inherently stepping directly into a liberated relationship to your experience. When you practice the core inner postures of awakening, you are stepping directly out of the momentum of unconsciousness and ignorance, and in doing so making space for the mystery of your own true nature to reveal itself. Receptivity: The Vulnerability to be Moved by the Unimaginable. We have also found that In order for your spiritual practice to have truly transformative power it must be infused with certain attitudes and capacities that ensure that your practice is fully energetic, optimally focused, and deeply sensitive.

That is why this year we are introducing new teachings on Six Pillars of Profound Practice.

We were raised in a culture that has conditioned us to think of ourselves as limited and deficient when in fact we are boundless and complete. When we have a breakthrough experience of awakening we find ourselves in a state of consciousness that is wide, open and free. We are free of the need to be anything other than what we already are, or be anywhere besides where we are right now.

The existential quest for fulfillment comes to a magnificent fruition in the recognition that there was never anything missing. In the midst of these miraculous experiences of spiritual liberation we know without doubt that this is who we really always are no matter how it might sometimes feel. But when those experiences fade we usually fall back into the belief that there is something wrong. What is difficult on the spiritual path is not becoming awake, because that is what we already are anyway. Yes, when we practice the inner postures described above we will have breakthrough experiences into our true nature.

But these are not the most important benefit of spiritual practice. As miraculous as these are, they pale in comparison to the possibility that your consciousness can remain open and free always — even in the midst of unpleasant and challenging circumstances.


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This is true freedom and it is the possibility this program is offering. The greatest benefit of spiritual practice is building a momentum toward inner freedom.

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In this program you will learn how to engage with spiritual practice in a way that will break your habits of assumed limitation and deficiency. By infusing your practice with the Six Pillars of Profound Practice you will learn to rest in the fullness of your being steadily and intensely. By spending time in this level of practice you will become increasingly familiar with the inherent freedom of your true self until you stop forgetting who you really are. A single breakthrough experience, no matter how big, is not necessarily going to do this. For most of us creating a heavy center of gravity in our true self requires deep and profound practice over time.

Initially we find practice difficult. Our habits of limitation are so strong that we constantly slip back into them, but over time, if our practice is strong, the experience of awakened awareness feels less and less like something we attain and more and more like something we return to. When this happens we have begun to shift our identity from limitation to wholeness.

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In the Opening to the Infinite program you will develop a practice strong enough to shift your identity from limitation to wholeness. Each of these pillars is a characteristic of truly transformative practice. In order to supercharge your practice you must engage with them until they become the habitual foundation of your practice.

In each of our Awakening Retreats and in our weekly study guides we will emphasize these pillars so that they infuse your practice with the power to transform. Activation is something most of us have experienced at some point on our path.

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It happens when we allow ourselves to come under the influence of someone who has more access to the infinite reality of True Being than we do. When such a person also has the mysterious ability to activate our own innate awakened awareness they can reveal deeper dimensions of our own True Self to us. For some of us, this reactivation needs to occur repeatedly over several years. For others, it may require decades to achieve stability.

This is why, in the great traditions of the past, the earnest disciple would often decide to leave the world behind to live in a monastery or ashram in the company of a spiritual master. This gave them the precious opportunity for the repeated activation that is so crucial to sustain an embodied awakening.

Activation continuously awakens our heart, mind and soul. And this, especially when coupled with regular meditation rooted in the Pillars of Profound Spiritual Practice , gives us the courage and strength to deeply embrace reality as it is and transcend our unconscious habits of existential struggle and resistance. In the light of activation we realize, again and again, that we are already awake. We were awake before we were born, and we will continue to be awake after we die.