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Jeff Olson clarifies that successful people make decisions on a day-to-day and moment-to-moment basis that get them closer to or farther from success. So, for example, people who get in good shape make decisions each day that can either help them get closer or farther from their goal. Well…this is where it gets really good…. So if you do choose to eat a burger and fries one time or skip one workout, you are not going to see an immediate impact.

The thing is though, that these small decisions or simple disciplines have a compounding effect. People who are successful, however, are people who consistently and persistently practice these simple disciplines that move them in a positive direction towards their goals. As a volleyball player aiming to become world class, I worked out three to five days per week, practiced for at least two hours per day, five days per week and competed in weekly matches or tournaments.

When it comes to real life, we have more choices in how we design our lives and for those of us who were once athletes, we no longer have those coaches telling us when to practice and when to rest. We can choose to watch a lot of television; we can choose to stay up late; we can choose to eat junk food. One final thought from The Slight Edge… Jeff Olson notes that each person at any moment is either travelling on a path towards success or away from it.

This graphic, excerpted from his book, usefully illustrates this idea:. We do need, however, to figure out what our goals are in various areas of our lives to help us make decisions that support success in those areas. In a previous post , I described the importance of positive self-talk and controlling your thoughts. The goal can be related to your relationships, your health, your career, your finances or your passions outside work. Let me illustrate by using an example from my life.

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I started by putting all my clothes away. I realized, however, that part of the reason I was having trouble keeping my closet clean was that I had too many clothes. The next step for me to be successful was to make a new practice of putting my clothes away as soon as they were folded for clean laundry and as soon as I took them off when changing. I needed to create a new system or set of rules for myself in order to maintain the cleanliness of my closet.

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For about three months, reducing the amount of clothes to physically fit into my closet worked. I soon realized that not having the right set-up made it difficult for me to be successful. My closet has a lot of open cubbyholes and it was only when I asked Robby to get me bins for each cubbyhole that I was actually able to be successful over the long term. If you know Robby, you know his superpower is organizing and keeping things tidy so when I asked him to do this he measured each cubbyhole which are not all the same size and got exactly what I needed for each one.

I can happily report that my closet is clean on a consistent basis! Even though I have kept it clean so far, I still know that I have to keep practicing the simple disciplines persistently and consistently over time to keep my closet clean. Oh and every time I see my clean closet, I give Jeff Olson a wink!

He talks about online marketing and really inspired me to start doing some things online. Once I decided to create a blog, however, I really needed to learn what steps I needed to actually bring it into being. Not only did I need to teach myself to use the backend of WordPress to create the blog posts and manage my website, I also needed to implement a system so I could create a blog post each week to publish online.

Many blogs die out soon after they start because it requires people to re-prioritize their time and maintain the discipline to make sure that new content is posted on a regular schedule. And best of all, one book may contain 5, 10, 20, or even more mindset interventions. They can completely change your life by changing your beliefs, your mindsets, your entire worldview and how you see the world. Are you starting to understand how reading can be a true game-changer? How reading turns you into a fuller and more powerful human being?

How reading can completely turn your life around? How it can literally create a new, better reality for you?

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Stress is good for you. Whenever I felt stressed out in the past, I made a big deal out of it.

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The Simple Recipe of High Achievers

Guess what? Stress is actually good for you! It helps you perform better and makes you more resilient in the future. Nowadays I see stress as a positive sign. As a learning opportunity.

As a way to grow and become a stronger version of myself. Anyone can get rich. I grew up in a family and culture where being rich was a bit frowned upon.

Outliers: The Story of Success

That changed when I read a summary of T. Bottom line: Reading opens you up to a whole new world. It shows you new possibilities, new ways of looking at things, new ways of living. Reading gives you the freedom to choose your own way. Reading about other people and what they have achieved in life and how they made the world a better place is as motivating and inspiring as it gets.

Read auto- biographies of great people. What these people achieved is truly extraordinary. They got to where they got because of hard work, dedication, will, perseverance, persistence, and a relentless drive to overcome any obstacle life has thrown in their way. Good books are packed with great stories of great people.

He was the personal coach of Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, and other legendary basketball champs. In the book, he talks about the day Kobe was drafted. While pretty much all the others went out to celebrate, guess what Kobe did? He went to the fucking gym to practice. Most of these people get up super early.

How High Achievers Plan Their Day

They work out in the morning. They meditate. They journal. They start working on their hardest tasks. They get more done before breakfast than most people during an entire day. Bottom line: Reading about other people owning and dominating their lives makes you want to get up from your couch and do shit. It makes you want to make something happen. It makes you want to do more than just watch TV all day long. Want to be a better communicator? Read a book about it. Want to build more muscle mass? Want to lose weight? Want to become rich? Want to travel the world?

Want to improve your golf score? Bottom line: The act of reading and learning about a specific topic automatically makes you better at it. Want more happiness?

The Top 20 Life Coaching Books You Should Read

Read a book on how to become happier. Simple as that. You will have the combined attitude, health and income of the five people you hang around the most. Think about it. Nobody is born a criminal. They grew up with a lot of hate which is naturally absorbed into their personalities. Ever wondered why Silicon Valley brings out so many millionaires?

Kids grow up in a society where entrepreneurship, high achievement, success, and getting rich is normal. If you want to be funny, hang around funny people.

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If you want to be a great athlete, hang around other great athletes.