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The guide covers 11 jobs in the public services and agribusiness fields--nursing aide, sanitation worker, mail carrier, librarian, fire fighter, police officer, gardener, farmer, logger, miner, and forest ranger.

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Seleccionando materiales adecuados cultural y linguisticamente: Sugerencias para los proveedores de servicios Selecting Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Materials: Suggestions for Service Providers. ERIC Digest. The population of the United States is growing more culturally diverse each year, and this diversity is clearly evident among families with young children; however, individuals who work in early childhood programs are not as diverse as those they serve. Moreover, many early childhood professionals have little preparation for working with families….

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Written in Spanish, the guide comprises the first grade unit of a career education curriculum developed for migrant students. The Secretary of Special Education of Puerto Rico has been searching for ways to offer appropriate special education services for young people between 13 and 21 years of age whose educational level does not allow them to benefit from current prevocational or vocational services.

At present groups are being organized to offer services for…. Comorbidities are frequent in patients hospitalized for COPD exacerbation, but little is known about their relation with short-term mortality and hospital readmissions. Our hypothesis is that the frequency and type of comorbidities impair the prognosis within 12 weeks after discharge.

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A longitudinal, observational, multicenter study of patients hospitalized for a COPD exacerbation with spirometric confirmation was performed. Comorbidity information was collected using the Charlson index and a questionnaire that included other common conditions not included in this index. Dyspnea, functional status, and previous hospitalization for COPD or other reasons among other variables were investigated.

Information on mortality and readmissions for COPD or other causes was collected up to 3 months after discharge. We studied patients, men The mean Charlson index score was 3. On admission, Twenty-seven patients 4. Comorbidity was also related with the need for hospitalization from the ED, length of stay, and hospital readmissions for COPD or other causes. Comorbidities are common in patients hospitalized for a COPD exacerbation, and they are related to short-term prognosis. The role of agri-environment schemes in conservation and environmental management.

Revisamos la estructura de los EAA actuales a lo largo del continente. Coordinator a de Servicios Clinicos. Documento de Trabajo Clinical Services Coordinator. Part I. Units I-IV. Part II. Units V-VI. Working Document.

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This guide is intended for instructing secondary students in the occupation of clinical services coordinator in a hospital. For each…. This directory is designed to provide an introduction to educational information and documentation services for specialists in information and educational documentation as well as educational administrators, planners, and researchers, and teachers. Its basic objective is to promote cooperation between such services, thereby increasing the transfer…. Guia del Proveeidor de Servicios. The set of materials was designed to provide nutrition instruction to Spanish-speaking farm workers using radio broadcasts.

It includes audiocassette tapes of four novellas mini-dramas on nutrition-related topics diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, pregnancy, smart shopping , talk shows on the same topics, a public service…. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act entitles each family with an eligible infant or toddler to service coordination at no cost to them. This publication sets forth guidelines and describes the vision for how service coordination will be provided to families in Colorado.

The publication, in English and Spanish versions, notes that…. This document consolidates, clarifies, and updates federal regulations on Head Start services for children with disabilities. The regulations are designed to complement the Head Start Program Performance Standards governing services to all enrolled children. Specifically, these regulations require Head Start programs to: 1 design comprehensive….

Pioneering scientific information in underdeveloped areas poses several problems, such as 1 lack of understanding on the part of key functionaries as to the why, what, and when of information services; 2 lack of trained personnel to assume the responsibility for such services; 3 lack of economic resources; and 4 lack of information pertaining to available bibliographical sources in the particular area or region. The Bibliographic and Documentation Service of the Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama INCAP provides, in addition to the customary services, technical assistance for the organization or reorganization of biomedical libraries and makes INCAP library materials available to member countries, either by loan or photocopy.

Although the program was designed for the member countries, INCAP tries to make its services available to other Latin American nations, Africa, and Asia, where similar nutritional problems are being studied. Designed for Spanish-speaking vocational rehabilitation counselors, this book provides information about diabetes and treating diabetes.

Much of the material previously appeared as articles in "Voice of the Diabetic" and is written not just by doctors and diabetes professionals, but also by members of the National Federation of the Blind…. Positivo y con Sindrome de Inmunodeficiencia Adquirida S. The goal of the guide is to maximize participation of infected children in the Head Start program. The guide presents activities in three main stages:…. The main goal of this study is to measure the impact of two alternative methods of overhead cost allocation of chilean public hospitals into the final production cost of health care services which are recurrent in health problems whose burden of disease is high in Chile.

A purposively sample of six important hospitals of metropolitan region in Chile was considered. A survey was applied to them in order to collect analytic cost data of resource use labor, medical supplies and use of capital in the production of health care services. The data of overhead cost electricity, central heating, laundry, administrative support, transport, maintenance, etc.

The final cost of each health care service was calculated from the perspective of health public system, in two ways: 1 using a proxy rate of common use, and 2 using overhead cost rates as a result of a step-down methodology. The final costs calculated with each method were compared and analized. The use of proxy rates to allocate overhead costs into the final cost lead to important under costing and over costing of health services.

This finding is important at least by two reasons: 1 for the management of hospitals, 2 in economic evaluations, the variations in cost can modify the ratio of cost-effectiveness, cost-utility or cost-benefit, influencing the health public decision. Published by Elsevier Inc. Indoor airPLUS constructores profesionales. Es un concepto ambicioso. Maestria en Entomologia. Universidad de Panama, Panama City, Panama. Brown and C.

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Potential malaria vectors in northern Guatemala Vectores potenciales de ma- laria in la region norte de Guatemala Serra de Aqua in June Linthicum We initiated a malaria vector research pro- gram in Belize in and conducted extensive larval. The Kingpin Act This manual has been prepared to orient school personnel in the development of programs for the transition of students with disabilities from school to adult life so that they can fulfill their responsibilities in planning and providing services. The laws under which such services are required are reviewed, and the services and planning are….

Intended for parents of developmentally disabled children, the handbook, in Spanish, provides information on service needs and services available in Lake County, Illinois. Section I focuses on life course planning with sections of diagnosis and assessment, professionals involved with special education, education for the developmentally disabled,….

In response to the challenges of the 21st century and to the need for students in the public school system to have a higher level of English proficiency, English was declared an issue of national interest in Costa Rica in For this reason, a decree called Multilingual Costa Rica was signed by the government, setting the stage for an…. Calidad del aire interior en las escuelas. El estado de derecho y el proceso en la EPA.

G William R. G Pulice Construction, Inc. Cuban Telecommunications, Computer Networking, and U.

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Policy Implications,. Report on Follow-up Visit to Ecuador, Part 1. Educacion Dr. Harold G. David Luscombe, Chief of the Misicn Andina Luis Alberto Palacios, Dean of the. FY Health Care in Mexico: Is U. Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores Los oficiales encargados de la politica comercial de cada pais requieren informacion clara y precisa sobre el recurso del carbon mineral, particularmente sobre sus propiedades y caracteristicas, para tomar decisiones bien fundamentadas con respecto al mejor uso de los recursos naturales, necesidades de importacion y oportunidades de exportacion, objetivos de politica interna y externa, oportunidades de transferencia tecnologica, posibilidades de inversion externa, estudios ambientales y de salud, y asuntos relacionados con el uso de productos secundarios y su disposicion.

Contributions of the American Entomological Institute. Volume Number 2. I Forattini, O. Entomologia niedica. Culicini: Cuiex, Aedes e Psorophora. University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo. Forattini, O.