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The decisions that you and I make in those moments are critical. Lash out and risk hurting your child or take a different road. Your son will respect you more if you avoid using his own tactics against him. This can be very hard in the moment when emotions are high and words are flying. In my experience working with children and adolescents, there is always an emotional reason for them to lash out and use hurtful words.

Your son may not be aware of what he is feeling, but you can help him to start to pay attention to this. This takes enormous patience and a willingness to put your first reactions in check. It really seems like you are angry with me. What is going on for you?

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This is an important step in helping your son know you hear him and you see him. It may agitate him, but it could also decrease the intensity of his emotions.

You can help him learn emotional intelligence, develop empathy for others and start to see how he impacts the world around him. Tell him how his words make you feel. If you can do this without piling on guilt or shame, it can be a powerful way to communicate. This is simply the practice of directly communicating what you feel.

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It does take practice, but it is an essential tool for you as a parent. It can be a powerful temptation to strike back with harsh consequences.

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Unfortunately, this may be ultimately more harmful and damaging to your relationship. Especially, if you do not follow through with your threat. It is a wise strategy to decide consequences when you are less emotional.

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When your kids make you feel powerless and out of control, avoid the urge to pile on the punishment. Are you are consistently struggling with your son calling you names, being defiant and disrespectful?

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If so, this may be a sign of deeper family relationship issues that require some professional support. It may be more than a developmental phase or the influence of peers.

Family counseling can be quite helpful in sorting out your family dynamics and in finding new solutions to improve communication and relationships. It can be extremely distressing when you are constantly in conflict with your son, home is a place full of tension and nothing seems to get resolved.

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Every family needs support. June 19, - Published on Amazon. Once I picked up this book, I couldn't put it down. It was a compelling reading. If you like history, you'll like this book. It makes history personal and each chapter is a page turning adventure.

He Called Me Son

The journey that young Tony takes keeps you on the edge of your seat. I cried, laughed and got angry along journey. I recommend reading this before the author's follow up book. However, you could read either one first, it's just my opinion. I eagerly await the next book in this series.

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