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He buys back some of the animals' offspring. In this way, he said, the animal is more profitable to its owner if it is alive. The reason we do that is we have other customers that want to buy those offspring," he said. When "Nightline" visited the ranch, Gilroy's company was fulfilling a client's request for a blesbok.

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They'll identify one of the yearlings," he said. Gilroy said he also gives customers the option of buying animals and housing them at the Wildlife Partners' ranch. The company's staff cares for the animals and the owners can visit anytime.


For some of his customers, Gilroy said, owning a rare, exotic species is like owning a luxury car. He said it was the ultimate status symbol. Do they buy a Ferrari because it goes fast? They like pulling into the gas station and someone says, 'Hey, nice car. For Texas landowners, Gilroy said, the tax deduction they get is another huge incentive to have exotics.

Although Gilroy is not opposed to hunting, he said he doesn't buy the argument that conservation is a direct goal of hunting. He said it was more of a byproduct than the reason to hunt itself. He also disagreed with critics who argue that exotic animals shouldn't be on Texas ranches at all.

We are housing these animals from all over the world. We're producing them in large numbers. And, we have the ability to go and repopulate these native areas at any time. Any time that they're ready, we have the foundation stock to be able to do it," he said. All rights reserved. Play ABC News. ABC News. Endangered white lion cub on display at Texas sanctuary.

Feds: Hunting Good for Wildlife Refuges. Does hunting elephants help conserve the species? Some Texas ranches tout hunting exotic animals as a way to support conservation. Father, daughter charged with raping woman, leaving her to die in desert.

Roommate among 2 suspects after police find body of missing student. Actress playing murderer in film charged in real life for killing uncle. Trump 'would love' to accept Putin invite to Russia military parade. Coast Guard suspends search for missing airman. Tom Steyer's Iowa political director resigns amid controversy. Floods become UK election issue as parties spar over funding.

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Report: Heavy fighting between Syrian and Turkish troops. Cold blast to bring single-digit wind chills for Midwest, Northeast. Bolton has knowledge about Ukraine not yet public: Lawyer. Is it too late in the race for Bloomberg to show interest in a presidential bid?

Ranch History | The Retreat, Links & Spa at Silvies Valley Ranch

White House denounces book by 'Anonymous' author claiming to be official as fiction. The tanks are, too. The ranch offers its guests the opportunity to drive and shoot World War II-era tanks. People fire at bullet-ridden cars from atop an American M4 Sherman tank at a shooting range built to resemble a Nazi-occupied French town. Late one evening, two hunters, Joan Schaan and her year-old son, Daniel, rushed to get ready for a nighttime hunt, adjusting the SWAT-style night-vision goggles on their heads.

Schaan is the executive director of a private foundation in Houston. Daniel is a sophomore at St. They were there not for the exotics, but basically for the pests: feral hogs, which cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damage annually in Texas. Schaan said. Pursuing the hogs, Ms. Schaan and her son go off-roading through the brush in near-total darkness, with a hunting guide behind the wheel. Aided by their night-vision goggles, they passed by the giraffes before rattling up and down the hilly terrain.

Daniel fired at hogs from the passenger seat with a SIG Sauer rifle, his spent shell casings flying into the back seat. Their guide, Larry Hromadka, told Daniel when he could and could not take a shot. No one is allowed to hunt at the ranch without a guide. The guides make sure no one shoots an exotic animal accidentally with a stray bullet, and that no one takes aim at an off-limits creature. One of the hogs Daniel shot twitched and appeared to still be alive, until Mr. Hromadka approached with his light and his gun. Hundreds of animals shot at the ranch have ended up in the cluttered workrooms and showrooms at Graves Taxidermy in Uvalde.

Part of the allure of exotic game-hunting is the so-called trophy at the end — the mounted and lifelike head of the animal that the hunter put down. He has a mount of a Himalayan tahr he shot in New Zealand that he said he cannot look at without thinking of the time he spent with his son hunting up in the mountains. Merlin's Hide Out is so much more than just a shop. The full production studio [ A product care guide with expert advice for how to store, clean, and care for [ We had the privilege to have author C. So impressive. Equally impressive are the gloves and hat I received from you. What a great work of art it is!

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She bragged to everyone. As a matter of fact our friend Tom D.