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Words and Phrases to Describe Your Family in Spanish

Its most life-enhancing marvels, however, may lie in the piles of neatly stacked fruit and vegetables, the bags of nuts and in the treasuries of fish reclining, dead-eyed but odourless, on beds of ice. Markets such as the Mercado de Maravillas — which have long flourished across Spain — could be one of the main reasons why Spaniards are on course to overtake the Japanese to become the longest-lived people in the world.

According to a study published this week by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle, people in Spain will have an average lifespan of Could he conceive of a diet without a sizeable daily ration of fruit and vegetables? He looked confused and then aghast — and probably not just for professional reasons.

Learn Spanish - Family Members (beginner)

Over recent years, life expectancy in Spain has been approaching that of top-tier countries such as Japan, Switzerland, Sweden and France. We can say that the new generations of old people coming through now are a bit better and so will last a bit longer.

If you live better, you end up living longer. But when it comes to normal longevity — living to 85 — your lifestyle is more important than your genetic makeup.

Family Pictures/Cuadros de Familia (Spanish Edition)

Spijker warned that the demographic shift would also require careful thought. When saying or writing these words in Spanish, remember to put the accent on the final syllable or you will be saying another word. The generic name for parents in Spanish is padres. Don't use Parientes which means relatives.

The generic name for brothers and sisters in Spanish is hermanos. You don't need to say hermanos y hermanas as we do in English because the word hermanos includes them both. The generic name for uncles and aunts in Spanish is tios. You don't need to say tios y tias as we do in English because the word tios includes them both.

The same rule applies for nephews and nieces sobrinos. The in-laws are the members of the family of your spouse the person you are married to or via a marriage in your family:.

Spanish Vocabulary

In some countries a person gets married more than once. These are the terms used to describe the "new" members of the family when someone gets remarried. Sometimes one of your parents gets married again and they have more children.