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Angel's Breath

Your pain may result simply from a physical cause like a car accident or an autoimmune disease , but mental factors such as stress and spiritual factors such as attacks meant to discourage you may also have contributed to the problem. If fear of any kind has played a part in causing your pain, call on Archangel Michael for help as well, since archangels Michael and Raphael can work together to heal pain. Physical pain happens because of inflammation in your body.

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So pay attention to the message inflammation is giving you rather than ignoring or suppressing the pain you feel. Another good source of information is your aura , the field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds your body in the form of light. Your aura reveals the complete state of your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional state at any given time. So you can ask Raphael to help you visually perceive your aura and to teach you how the various parts of it relate to your current pain.

Raphael and the angels he supervises on healing assignments who work within the green angel light ray can help you clear away negative energy that has contributed to your pain, and send you positive energy that promotes healing. As soon as you ask for help from Raphael and the angels who work with him, they will respond by directing pure energy with high vibrations toward you. Angels are beings of light with extremely powerful auras , and Raphael often sends healing energy from his rich emerald green aura into the auras of the humans he is working to heal.

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So Raphael literally bathes the body in love to effect his healings. Some people see Raphael's emerald green light as sparkles, flashes, or waterfalls of color. You can also visualize emerald green light surrounding any bodily area that you'd like to heal. You can experience significant pain relief by taking deep breaths that reduce stress and promote healing in your body.

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Angelique is an angel baby. Her life was snatched even before it had begun. She watches from angel world as her parents struggle for their longed for child during which time she is joined by two sisters. His life will be very different to what hers would have been had she lived on earth More. Angelique has been robbed of ever having a life with her earthly family and of walking the earthly path with her soulmate.

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Instead she watches over them from her position in a higher realm. Had she lived she would have had a comfortable life, her parents having reasonably well paid jobs, both with prospects.

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  • What is heartbreakingly lacking in their life though is a family. Her soulmate by contrast is the son of a homeless drug addict and his start in life is a lot more difficult.

    Angel Breaths

    Of course, at the same time, my inner Eeyore does not believe it. I want to sit here and scream. Wednesday has not been a good day. I sent the little kid off to kindergarten in tears again. Once home, I did some work and then called to get blood test results from the ENT for him. Those were a-ok, but the radiologist does not agree with the doctor on his assessment of the x-ray.

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    • I held it together as I waited to hear back about scheduling a follow-up appointment with the ENT. Knowing that surgery for my son may be needed. Apparently, they wanted to do further speech testing.

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      All of the hard work has him talking slow and fragmented, which messes up the articulation. Of course, being stuffed up and having a hard time breathing will also make you do those things. Traffic was horrible, but we just got there before class started. Then things happened that blew my mind. I do not have words for what I witnessed.